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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you deliver to?
We deliver within of Wolverhampton & Dudley. Any further than this may incur a delivery charge. Please call for further details.

How do I hire a bouncy castle?
Once you have selected an inflatable from our range, please complete and submit a contact us form, or call us or text us, we will then contact you asap to confirm all the details. Please refer to the details of the castles in order to ensure that you have sufficient space for the castle that you intend to order.
Do you prepare the castle?
Yes, when we deliver the castle we will confirm that weather conditions are suitable, we will then install and inflate the castle. When we collect the castle we will dismantle it and pack it away.
What space do i need for a bouncy castle?
You need to leave at least 2ft either side of the castle and at least 5ft at the back. We strongly recommend you measure your garden first or you will be liable to pay for the castle!!!
How long does it take to install a castle?
It takes approximately 20 minutes to install and inflate a castle – we will deliver inflatables at least half an hour prior to your agreed rental start time.
Do you hire overnight?
Yes overnight charges are from £20 we are more than happy to pick up the castle the following morning.
Can we have the castle more than 1 day?
Yes book for more than 1 day
What if it rains?
Our castles are supplied with a shower cover for use in light rain so that it only takes a wipe with a towel to enable you to carry on using the castle once the shower ends. If heavier rain is forecast then it is possible to cancel the booking prior to inflation of the castle.
Are the castles cleaned?
Yes, our castles are cleaned after every booking, however if you do cause a mess on the castle then we ask that it is cleaned up as soon as possible or we will bill you £25
When / how do I pay?
Payment is taken at the time that we deliver the inflatable as long as we are satisfied that the rental can proceed. You can pay by cash
Do you have insurance?
Yes we are fully insured with public liability cover of up to £5 million.
What preparation is needed?
We will deliver the inflatable to the required area using a sack cloth trolley, please ensure that there is clear access – a pathway approximately 3 feet wide is required. In addition you should ensure that the area where the inflatable is to be located is a fairly flat grassy area and that it is free of animal foul, sharp stones or other hazards or we can refuse the rental!.